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By aligrahamceramics, May 6 2018 12:00PM

I have been working on some new light-shades with colours and patterns inspired by my travels and also by my spiritual yoga and meditation practice (which is now more a lifestyle). This new collection feels playful and expressive, but at the same time calm and contemplative: a very satisfying and fascinating partnership between my inner child and outer adult!

By aligrahamceramics, Dec 11 2016 11:51PM

I want to share with you a massive shift in my perspective this past year.

Since I started training as a Kundalini Yoga teacher my outlook on life has changed and I have begun transforming into the divine being that I call my higher self, my true self, the real 'me' that was lost and confused since I was about 7yrs old under the pressure and stress of every day life, studies, love, cultural and social conditioning, and expectations and projections of 'success' and 'happiness'.

Though yoga and meditation, the closer I connect with my self, the more blissful, contented and grateful I am of life's challenges and I have started to see them all as gifts, as opportunities to grow and to really open my eyes to the essence of my true self. Of course my physical, mental and emotional health has improved greatly since beginning this journey, but more than that I see the world and the universe through different eyes now. Everything is much clearer. I realise that my internal world is reflected in the world around me, and if I change my self I can change the entire universe- simply with a shift in perception!

I recently manifested my own beautful little yoga studio in the heart of Roath in Cardiff - right below my art studio! The power of being in the flow of life and approaching every person and every situation with love is undeniable. It is also limitless. I have therefore been taking time out from making and from doing shows, so I can re-connect to my true self and re-evauate how I express my true self through my creations.

There is a fine line between working from the mind and working from the heart. Making an honest living whilst living my truth and serving others is now my sole intention.

To this end, I manifested a free month-long cruise to the Caribbean and USA in Jan so I can consider and process the events of the past year whilst allowing new ideas and creative actions to emerge as and when they are ready to. I will be taking a sketchbook, some art materials, a yoga mat and some inspirational spiritual mantras. Daily yoga and meditations will inspire my visual journal/record/happenings or whatever comes, and I look forward to sharing the outcomes with you all in due course.

Love and light,

Amarjot Kaur (Ali)

By aligrahamceramics, May 2 2016 12:35PM

Sneaky peek at my new 'Spirit of India' collection inspired by the radiant and unique healing energy within every living thing on earth.

By aligrahamceramics, Oct 12 2015 02:13PM

I have been developing a Chakra collection since my incerdible trip t India last Christmas.

I am pleased to announce this collection will be launched at 'Made by Hand' Contemporary Craft Fair in Cardiff on Thursday 29th October, followed by a special installation at MADE gallery on Lochaber Street in Roath, Cardiff from 12th November as part of the Diwali Festival of Light celebrations.

Here is a sneak preview of what's to come...

By aligrahamceramics, Feb 3 2015 09:23PM

Following an incredible 6 week adventure in India, I have recently begun designing a brand new colour palette, which consists of 7 colour schemes.

These new colour combinations take inspiration from Yogic Philosophy of the chakra energy centres which I recently studied under an incredible indian yogi and healer in Goa, and are underpinned by my knowledge of colour theory, psychology, physiology and perception, which I studied in depth for my doctorate degree at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The new palette is currently undergoing test-firing and I feel this is going to be an incredibly exciting and significant development in my creative practice, and I cannot wait to share the results with you over the coming year.

Photos will be posted soon,


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