Alison Graham Ceramics

Medium Thin Vessels

Dr. Alison Graham is a colour specialist who uses ceramic stains, glaze and porcelain to explore the ways in which semi-abstract colour arrangements  can create transcendental spatial effects similar to those found in nature.


Completing her PhD in 2012, Alison continues to draw on her extensive research into colour interactions and ceramic materials to create paintings, light shades and vessels which exploit particular spatial effects.


Each piece is meticulously designed, painted and constructed by the artist alone, without the use of moulds, stencils, screens or other interfaces, thus making the outcomes unique, unusual and authentic.


You can visit Dr. Graham at her studio by appointment only. Please email in advance.

Medium Vessels Forms

mono-printed porcelain paper-clay. 2017

Alison Graham 1

Current exhibition


'Art for the Heart'


Cambridge Contemporary Art

6 Trinity Steet